Monday October 22 , 2018
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Časopis WRM No. 3, Vol. 3

wrm cover vol03no03Treći broj časopisa Water Research and Management Tom 3, je izašao 1. oktobra 2013. godine.

U njemu možete pročitati:

  • National Drought Policy Guidebook
    Marathe K. and S. Demuth
  • Integrated Water Resource Management for Mega City: A Case Study of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
    Md. Bahauddin K. and N. Hossain
  • Non-indigenous invasive freshwater crustaceans (Crustacea: Malacostraca) in Slovakia
    Lipták B.
  • The first occurrence of Carassius gibelio (Bloch, 1782) and Carassius auratus auratus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Orontes River Basin (Hatay, Turkey)
    Özcan G.
  • Environmental fate of most commonly used pesticides in the Morava River Basin, Serbia
    Labus-Blagojević S., Gavrilović V., Dolovac N.,Trkulja N. and E. Pfaf-Dolovac