Friday August 23 , 2019
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Časopis WRM No. 4, Vol. 6

Vesti - Vesti

wrm cover_vol06no04Četvrti broj časopisa Water Research and Management Tom 6, je izašao 31. decembra 2016. godine.

U njemu možete pročitati:

  • Scale Modeling of Riga HPP Stilling Basin
    Starinac D., Vojt P., Mladenovic D., Žugic D., Kapor R. and Lj. Savic
  • Identifying and Quantifying Ecological Flows with Geomorphic Functions
    A. Zaghal
  • Range Expansion of the Introduced Species Sinanodonta Woodiana (Lea, 1834) in the Sava River (Slovenia)
    Rakovic M., Tomovic J., Popovic N., Zoric K., Zuliani T., Sever M. and M. Paunovic
  • Hydrographic Characteristics and Plankton Structure of the Southeastern Part of the Southern Adriatic Sea
    Vukanic V., Vukanic D., Živic N.V., Jakšic T. and S. Canak

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