Saturday July 11 , 2020
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Časopis WRM No. 4, Vol. 7

wrm cover_vol07no04Četvrti broj časopisa Water Research and Management Tom 7, je izašao 15. januara 2018. godine.

U njemu možete pročitati:

  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Transition from Detecting Problems to Supporting Water Quality Management and Implementation of EU Water Framework Directive – Example of Serbia
    Marjanović P., Vulić D., Ignjatović L., Marjanović M. and D. Kostić
  • Estimation of Coinciding Flood Discharges in the Extended Area of the Sava/Danube Confluence Applying Different Approaches – Proil Model and Copula Method
    Prohaska S., Ilić A. and B. Pokorni
  • Assessment of Flow Periodicity of the Danube River and its Major Tributaries in Serbia
    Simić Z., Milovanović M. and M. Melentijević
  • Water Balance Components and Performance Indicators Uncertainty Reduction - Požarevac Waterworks Case Study
    B. Babić
  • Scale Modeling of Tarzout Dam
    Starinac D., Vojt P. and D. Mladenovi