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Časopis WRM No. 2, Vol. 2

Drugi broj časopisa Water Research and Management Tom 2, je izašao 01. jula 2012. godine.

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Časopis WRM No. 1, Vol. 2

Prvi broj časopisa Water Research and Management Tom 2, je izašao 01. aprila 2012. godine.

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  • Presentation of IWA Groundwater Specialist Conference 8-10 September 2011, Belgrade, Serbia
    Dimkić M. & R. Pavlović
  • Generalised Model and Framework of Analysis of Sanitation and Wastewater Management and Intrinsic Value Recovery from Wastewater
    Marjanović P. & C. Reynders
  • Methodology for Assessing Multiple-Coincidence of Flood Wave Peaks in Complex River Systems
    Prohaska S., Ilić A. & V. Tripković
  • Asymmetry in Some Morphological Characters of Indian Oil Sardine, Sardinella Longiceps Valenciennes,1847 Collected from Muscat Waters on the Sea of Oman
    Jawad L., Al-Mamry J., Al-Busaidi J., Al-Mamari A., Al-Mamry S., Al-Owisi K. & M. Al-Rubiey
  • Ecoregions Delineation for the Territory of Serbia
    Paunović M., Tubić B., Kračun M., Marković V., Simić V., Zorić K. & A. Atanacković

Časopis WRM No. 4, Vol.1

Četvrti broj časopisa Water Research and Management je izašao 30. decembra 2011. godine.

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  • Climate Change and Water Supply - Consequences of Climate Change and Potential Adaptation Strategies
    Dr. Claudia Castell-Exner, Dr. Daniel Petry
  • Sustainable and Adaptive Water Management: Case Study of Water Management in Serbia
    Milan A. Dimkić, Miodrag Milovanović, Dejan Dimkić
  • Prospects and Limitations of Surface Runoff Quality Management in the Republic of Serbia
    Aleksandar Đukić, Dejan Ljubisavljević
  • Estimation of Water Balance and Water Losses in Water Utilities – Experiences from the Belgrade Waterworks
    Branislav Babić, Aleksandar Đukić
  • The Effect of Fixation, Preservation and Freezing on Certain Body Proportions of Two Small Pelagic Fish Species, Sardinella Longiceps(Family: Clupeidae) and Selaroides Leptolepis Collected from Muscat Waters, Sultanate of Oman
    Dawood S. Al-Mamry, Laith A. Jawad and Juma M. Al-Mamry
  • Fishing Circumstances on the Danube in Serbia
    Smederevac-Lalić Marija, Višnjić-Jeftić Željka, Pucar Milica, Mićković Branislav, Skorić Stefan, Nikčević Miroslav, Hegediš Aleksandar

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